About Journal

Management Studies and Economic Systems (MSES) is an online scholarly, referred, peer-reviewed journal. The primary purpose of the Management Studies and Economic Systems (MSES) is to publish scholarly research articles in the fields of Management and Economics. As the official journal, the MSES is recognized as a primary instrument for projecting and supporting the goals and objectives which include scholarly research and the free exchange of ideas. MSES appreciates systematic reviews, original papers, and peer-reviewed research on all aspects of Management and Economics.

MSES is an open-access Journal.  The submission and Review Process is free. Full Texts are free to download. After accepting the manuscript, authors may request to receive the Official Acceptance Certificate. The fee to issue the Official Acceptance Certificate is 20$.
Authors are responsible to pay 40$ publication fee after acceptance for online publication. Publication fee should be paid to the following PayPal  or Western Union  account: