The Role of Organizational Culture in Adopting Total Quality Management (Case Study: The Salt Complex, El Outaya, Biskra State)

Document Type : Research Paper


School of Economics, Commerce and Management Sciences, University of Mohamed Khider Biskra – Algeria


This study aimed at exploring how the organizational culture can contribute in adopting Total Quality Management (TQM) in the organization. A case study was conducted at the Salt complex in El Outaya, Biskra State and the questionnaire was used to collect data. The study found that the organizational culture (organizational values, organizational behavior and the artifacts) contributes in adopting TQM with its four dimensions (top management leadership commitment, focus on the customer, focus on human resources and continuous improvement). All of the organizational culture’s dimensions can increase the top management leadership commitment towards TQM, they also contribute in focusing on the customer. Moreover, organizational culture contributes in increasing the focus on human resources through organizational behavior and artifacts. In addition, organizational culture can help sustain continuous improvement through artifacts and organizational values.