Occupational Stress and the Performance of Non -Teaching Staff of Selected Universities in the South Eastern Nigeria

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Public Administration, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria


Occupational stress the greatest killer among white and blue collar workers. The monster is more prevalent among university workers especially the non-teaching staff. It is on this backdrop that the study was nurtured. The study essentially examined the effect of occupational stress and how it impairs the performance of the non-teaching staff in the south eastern universities in Nigeria. Descriptive research design was adopted. Data were collected using questionnaire, face to face interview, observation and focus group discussion. Major findings revealed that occupational stress do not have positive effect on the performance of non-teaching staff. Also the reduction of occupational stress has positive effect on the effectiveness of the employees under study. Based on the findings among the major recommendations is to decrease occupational stress of the non-teaching staff to increase their performance, and also to reduce the occupational stress of the non-teaching of the studied to improve their effectiveness.