Influences of Education on Career Choice: A Study on Sylhet City, Bangladesh

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Business Administration, Sylhet International University, Sylhet, Bangladesh

2 Advanced Research and Education Center, Nayasarak, Sylhet, Bangladesh


This paper attempted to explore the expectation level of individuals to match themselves with the career offers and their awareness level to make the right decision in choosing right career in an economy of unemployment problems especially among the educated persons. This descriptive analytical research work is done on the basis of perceptions of students of different levels of education. The stratified probabilistic sampling is used to collect information from representative units of the population. A well structured questionnaire is used to collect data from 235 educated youths of Sylhet city, Bangladesh. Sylhet is one of the seven divisional cities of the country with 160 million people in most densely populated area of the world. This developing economy has an alarming issue of increasing unemployment problem of educated people. The collected data were processed through Microsoft Excel 07 and SPSS 19 to get the desired outputs by using statistical methods like frequency distribution, cross tabulation and Chi-square tests. It is supposed to get significant difference in the expectation level of youths from their careers, scopes of using education and skill in the job and the social status and other expectation from the job. But the research on an economy of underemployment proved no such difference in the expectation from careers as majority of the people have to struggle to get a job to survive by minimizing the matching process.