Association between Psychological Capital and organizational outcome: A Study of University Employees

Document Type : Research Paper


School of Business, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan


Recently acknowledged central constructs of psychological capital (consisting of the positive psychological resources; resilience, optimism, hope, and efficacy) has been demonstrated to be related to various employee attitude, behavioral, and performance outcomes. In this study, positive central constructs of psychological capital have been conceptually and empirically demonstrated to be related to employee task performance and turnover in the context of private university employees (faculty and non-faculty). This study utilizes cross-sectional data from a private university (N=101) employees; faculty and non-faculty employees, to examine within-individual psychological capital with task performance and turnover. A survey questionnaire was designed to test the causality of prescribed variables. Correlations and regression were used to refine and analyze independent variable (psychological capital), to their relationship and impact on dependent variables task performance and turnover, and to serve as a framework for future research. The results indicated that employee’s Psychological capital is related to task performance and significant relationship found with a turnover.