Structure, Conduct and Performance of Fish Market in Central Ethiopia

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Marketing Management, Oda Bultum University, Asebe Teferi, Ethiopia

2 Department of Marketing Management, Injibara University, Injibara, Ethiopia


The study aimed at analyzing the structure, conduct and performance of fish market in Lake Zeway, Central part of Ethiopia. A total of 24 traders from 6 markets were selected for the study purposively. Data analysis was carried out using descriptive statistics, for Structure, Conduct and Performance (SCP) approach. According to the results, there were five kinds of fish marketing chains in the study area. The fish market was oligopolistic in nature which controlled by few large wholesalers because of capital barriers to massively enter into the fish trade.  The share of margins showed that retailers got the highest margin that all of the fish market agents in the study area. The study recommended necessary government interventions to make the fish market operate efficiently.