Determinants Factor of Circular Labor Migration: Bangladesh Context

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Management, Rajshahi University, Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Economic growth of Bangladesh largely depends on unskilled and skill overseas manpower. Bangladesh is called an over populated country. She has much manpower but most of them are unskilled. So, Bangladesh is as one of the highest unskilled labor sending countries in the world and is gaining foreign remittance. After analysis the questionnaire survey, it has found that maximum labors are not satisfied for their salary in the first mover country. So, they try to back native country and move again to another country. For their movement, they get help from the overseas recruiting agency. By this way the labors try to move and send remittance as well as bring human capital for the country. This remittance makes important contributions towards accelerating economic growth of the country, like addressing unemployment problems, poverty reduction, and increasing foreign exchange reserves. The study will find out the reasons and causes of circular labor migration which are considered as determinants factor.