Entrepreneurial Mobility in Industrial Estates of Bangladesh: A Study on Selected Industrial Estates of Sylhet Division, Bangladesh

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Business Administration, Sylhet International University, Sylhet, Bangladesh


The mobility of entrepreneurs, which is an integral part of human life, can occur in all aspects of occupation and location. Finding out the general trends of mobility in entrepreneurship can be used in the effective motivational activities. As Sylhet is a remittance and raw materials rich but industrially backward area, the mobility of entrepreneurship in both aspects in this area is to be analyzed. The researchers tired to find out the trends from inter generation and intra generation mobility along with location mobility from the entrepreneurs of two industrial estates of Sylhet district. The selective sampling technique is used to select 20 entrepreneurs from different industries to represents all the industrial groups. The findings of the study indicated that entrepreneurial mobility followed a simple trend of occupational independence from narrower to wider and wider. This happened in both inter generation and intra generation mobility. The location mobility followed the convenience in operation like proximity to market, nearness to home and other family needs, utilities, infrastructure, socio-political environment, etc. So the entrepreneurial development program in this region should highlights those points and motivate the entrepreneurs to build a perfect entrepreneurial base in this area.


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