The Relationship between Efficiency of Healthcare Costs and Economic Growth: Empirical Validation from Mediterranean Countries

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, University of Sousse, Sousse, Tunisia


The increase of healthcare costs improved as a rule the health of the population. Sometimes the positive effects of this expense are shaded off. On one hand, this expense improves the offer of the medical care. Other influential factors on the health of population, we quote as example the training, the lifestyle, the hygiene and the distribution of income. On the other hand the increase of these expenses must be controlled and assigned in a profitable way to have positive effects on the productivity of the work, on the offer of the hand of work and the training. This could contribute positively on the economic growth. The purpose of this paper is to study the relation between efficiency of healthcare costs and economic growth, for 15 countries of the north and south Mediterranean bank by using econometric techniques given in panel, test of Unit-root and test of cointegration, during period 1992-2010. We notice that, the variable efficiency of healthcare costs contributed positively to the economic growth. We also assure of a better mode of financing without wasting and an important efficiency of the expense in the sector health.