Employee Engagement and Individual Differences: A Study in Indian Context

Document Type : Research Paper


Oriental Insurance Company Limited, Mumbai, India


The employee engagement has emerged as a pivotal business driver for organizational success. High level of engagement in domestic and global firms is supposed to have multiple enriching effects on an organization. Studies have highlighted the importance of both organizational and individual factors in ensuring highly engaged employees. The present paper explores the individual differs across four parameters as gender, age, experience and educational experience. Significant variations are observed across employees of various age, experience and qualifications. The implications and mechanisms to utilize diversity of work force have also been discussed. Further paper provides in depth analysis of eight constructs of employee engagement through applying suitable statistical tools. Individual characteristics based difference has also been studied for these eight constructs- work environment leadership and direction, relationship with immediate seniors and co-workers, compensation program, job security and career development, policies and work procedures of the company, work life balance and psychological well being of the employee.