The Impacts of Goal Setting and Curiosity on the Employee Job Performance: A Perspective from NGO sector of Pakistan

Document Type : Research Paper


Jinnah Institute University Campus, Rawalpindi, Pakistan


The present study investigates the impact of goal setting and curiosity (HR outcomes) on the job performance of the employees. Non government sector in Islamabad, Pakistan was targeted in this regard. Data was collected from 282 respondents belonging to local and international NGOs. SPSS was used as data analysis tool and a comprehensive questionnaire was used to collect data. In 20% cases questionnaire was personally administered. The study findings expose that goal setting and curiosity have strong effect on job performance. 71% of the employees are of the view that if goals are easily achievable and need little hard works then their performance increases than the ones which are hard to achieve and require extra efforts. 53% of the respondents report to work for personal development rather than goal achievement. 61% value curiosity as a factor necessary to increase job performance. They value human thinking to play its part in improving overall performance of an employee. Furthermore, all hypotheses were proved using correlation and regression analysis. HR practitioners can take help from this study to improve individuals’ as well as team performance of their employees.