An Exploratory Study on Effect of Demographic Factors on Consumer Satisfaction and its Determinants in E-Retailing

Document Type : Research Paper


School of Management Studies, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University,(A Central University), Lucknow, India


The purpose of the study was to explore the impact of demography of online customers on e-satisfaction as well as on the determinants of e-satisfaction operating in e-retailing space in India. A theoretical model was derived in accordance with the literature and was tested empirically. Conveniently sampling technique was used. Primary data was collected through a structured questionnaire through personal and online mode. First of all a descriptive analysis was done and a demographic profile of the online customers was created. To explore any possible impact of these demographic factors on e-satisfaction and its determinants an exploratory factor analysis was done to consolidate the underlying constructs and ascertain the structure of determinants along with their factor scores. Once the underlying constructs were unearthed, the impact of each demographic was assessed on e-satisfaction and its each if its determinants separately by employing either t-test or ANOVA which was applicable. The results of exploratory factor analysis show that the e-satisfaction and its determinants can be consolidated into six underlying constructs or factors. The results of t-test and ANOVA conclude that most of the determinants are independent of the demography of the online customers. The demographic factors that were found to have significant impact are gender, education, age and income on convenience, e-satisfaction and merchandising, perceived value and financial transactions respectively.