Job Satisfaction of Beauty Parlor Worker of Bangladesh

Document Type : Research Paper


Business Administration, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Santosh, Tangail, Bangladesh


The beauty parlor industry is one of the fastest growing industries of Bangladesh. The lifestyle of people of our country has changed rapidly over the past few years. Realizing the importance of sound health and presentation, people are becoming more concerned about their health and beauty. Thousands of beauty-care service providers or beauty parlors have sprung up all over the country in the last decade. Beauty care industry providing employment for an estimated 100,000 women in Bangladesh. This paper focuses on the job satisfaction of the workers of the beauty parlors of Tangail, Bangladesh.  The data collection method is primary survey on workers of beauty care industry supported by secondary research on previous research, industry report, government paper, and interview of resource persons. To explore this study data has been collected from 100 respondents who are working different beauty parlors situated in Tangail district of Bangladesh. The simple random sampling technique has been used for collecting data. Percentage analysis, correlation and regression analysis are the primary tools used for the data analysis. The analysis shows that correlation between dependent and independent variable is 0.825 and unstandardized coefficient (B) of different variables show that parlor workers of Tangail are dissatisfied with their salary structure, leave policy, job security and other job facilities. Most Bangladeshi parlor owners have failed to see any causal connection between worker satisfaction and service quality. But employees’ satisfaction is the most powerful part of increasing productivity in any sector. So it has to be taken care of in order to achieve ultimate goals of the beauty care sector in Bangladesh.