The Arab Economies between Political Instability and Terrorism Propagation: Descriptive Analysis

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of Sousse, University of Sousse, Tunisia


The economic situation in the Arab countries is due to several factors as the political crisis in a socio-economic vulnerability. Political changes are usually accompanied by a drop in production, a deterioration of macroeconomic balances, a high level of poverty, an appearance of economic corruptions and a structural increase in unemployment. In addition, the expansion of terrorism is a main ingredient of political instability in Arab countries. In fact, terrorism and political chaos feed on each other; the purpose of terrorism is often creating political chaos, but not systematically. It might be back to the jihadist literature in the second half of the 2000s to understand what is the possible strategy that determines by policy authorities, in part, that used of violence against security institutions. Then, we investigate our paper to examine the response of the Arab economies to the geopolitical instability and the propagation of terrorism, especially, after the Arab revolution.