Management Styles of Multinational Corporations and PepsiCo Orientation in the Lebanese Market

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Business Administration, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon


Multinational companies face competition and challenges in the global market in a constant battle to prosper, profit, and sustain. The challenge is real, and it affects the managerial, economic, and workforce levels. Subsidiaries are subject to economic and cultural influences and pressures and home country managers are constantly burdened when crucial decisions should be taken. The resources are scarce, and all products and services should be globalized which needs a staff that is competent, resourceful, and incentivized. In this article, we define management style as the method path that corporations follow to steer their businesses, exercise authority, and direct their personnel in order to achieve their national and global targets. There are three management styles discussed in the article revealing their main traits and procedures and showing their advantages and disadvantages. The case of PepsiCo management style practices and operations will be illustrated evidencing how its orientation led to success in the Lebanese market.