The Concept of Knowledge Sharing in Organizations (Studying the Personal and Organizational Factors and Their Effect on Knowledge Management)

Document Type : Research Paper


DBA, Department of Business Administration, Beirut Arab University, Beirut Lebanon


The importance of Knowledge Management in organizations is becoming more noticeable and imperative to the success of organizations.  Knowledge management in organizations is a necessity that needs to be adopted by the “brains” of the organization, as it is the main key for individuals to improve their learning and become more productive. Nowadays, organizations need to sustain their competitive advantage, and in order to do so, organizations need to promote a culture of organizational learning that encourages knowledge-sharing behaviors among colleagues. This culture requires support from top management as this would encourage knowledge-sharing behavior amongst employees.
Knowledge management is a process that is adopted by organizations to capitalize on the knowledge capital of the organization. There are two types of knowledge, tacit and explicit.  The process of sharing this knowledge, whether tacit or explicit knowledge, entails different methods of communication and various activities. This paper will investigate the knowledge sharing process from different researchers’ perspectives and look into the different factors which are considered as facilitators and barriers to the concept of the knowledge sharing process in order to understand and further research their effect on knowledge sharing.