Employee of the Month as a Motivational Best Practice in Lebanese Hotels


DBA, Beirut Arab University Beirut, Lebanon


This paper sheds the light on the Best Motivational Practices adopted by HR in the Hotel industry in Lebanon and focuses mainly on the Employee of the month approach as being one of the recent motivational practices in various fields and in the hotel industry as well. This paper scrutinizes the motivational best practices and how they affect the performance of the employee and then moves to the Employee of the month concept while elaborating on its features. Interviews were done from a sample hotel to assess the motivational best practices being applied and introduce the Employee of the month concept as a significant factor to boost motivation. Motivation takes a lot of shapes and has been a crucial topic addressed in many types of research in the business field and it is still being considered a major issue that cannot be ignored despite the increase in the obstacles and difficulties many business industries are facing, but still, employees need to be motivated regardless of the situation and here lies the core focus of this paper.