“Learning Organization” - Reflections on Literature Perspective

Document Type : Research Paper


DBA Program, Faculty of Business Administration, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon


We live in an environment of disruptive change in which companies seek to create more value through special combinations of creativity, price, performance, and flexibility (Christensen & Overdorf, 2000), Organizational structures and thought processes have been well-established to be substituted by modern ones. This involves the introduction of new ways of thought and acting by corporate leaders amongst people, organizations, and societies. As a crucial strategic capability and a principal basis for competitive advantage an organization's willingness to understand, develop, introduce and distribute new ideas have been encouraged in a transformative environment, and this is simply reflected in the Learning Organization concept where doors are open for People Development, greater motivation, more flexibility, creativity and innovation, better team and group work, knowledge sharing and Interdependency. Thus, this paper focuses on the literature perspective of the learning organization concept in order to clarify the exact meaning of it and allow further future research to scrutinize the implementation of this concept in the business world.