How Cybernetic can enhance Organizational Intelligence?

Document Type : Research Paper


School of Business, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon


In the modern era, cybernetic has shown an important place in the progressiveness of numerous internationally recognized firms as an appropriate hypothetical management framework to overcome the traditional organizational structural dilemma. This chapter will critically analyze the previous literature relevant to the aspects of organizational intelligence and cybernetics because it is vital for the researcher to understand the influencing features of cybernetics in enhancing organizational intelligence. These factors are explored from previous scientific literature using journals, publications, and books to develop the basis of the current research study. Therefore, the purpose of this chapter is to attempt to carry out a review of relevant literature on how cybernetics can enhance organizational intelligence. This chapter en routes to analyze the importance of cybernetics in the organizational environment and its implementation in the context of organizational intelligence. Although scholars are using cybernetics in social sciences and management disciplines its implementation to enhance organizational intelligence has not significantly been explored except in few previous case studies. The review of the literature indicates that further scientific knowledge is required regarding the use of cybernetics to enhance organizational intelligence. Therefore, this section concludes after the exploratory revision of previous works of literature related to organizational intelligence, cybernetics, and their linking theoretical models for creating a base for the proposed research study.