The Impact of Digitization on Advertising Effectiveness

Document Type : Research Paper


Beirut Arab University


Since the emergence of the internet in the beginning of the 1990’s, many changes on the various business functions have occurred. One of the functions that was affected by this digital evolution, was “advertising and communication”, as many new communications channels were introduced to it. Most companies nowadays, have already integrated online advertising channels into their integrated marketing campaigns and are continuously working on optimizing its effectiveness. This paper examines the effects of digitization on the advertising campaigns’ effectiveness. It explores the various formats of digital advertising including Display Banner Advertising, Search Engine Advertising, Social Media Advertising and Mobile Advertising. We aim to clarify how the introduction of these new online advertising channels to campaigns, affected them in terms of reach, targeting, conversions, objective setting, and message clarity.  The study will depend on secondary research obtained by compiling different previously published literature, to showcase how these various newly introduced online advertising channels impacted the effectiveness of the integrated advertising campaigns launched by businesses.