Review of Factors Affecting Non-Deceptive Consumers of Counterfeited Products in Different Regions across Sectors

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon


The greed exuded by counterfeiters has essentially propelled them to attack multiple industries. Counterfeiters do not stop at illegal trade reproduction and duplicate luxury products based on consumer demands (Non-Deceptive consumers), but they have also skillfully learned to deceive consumers in various product categories by selling them counterfeit products as authentic products (Deceptive consumers). In this case, what poses the greatest risk are products such as drugs, food supplements, cosmetic, and car parts which are carelessly counterfeited to satisfy this niche. These products pose extreme health implications to those who purchase them.
This study focuses primarily on combating counterfeited products by generating Non- deceptive consumer’s awareness to decrease their intentions towards counterfeit products. In the literature part, the researcher collected multiple previous studies in regard to factors that encourage non-deceptive consumer’sintentions towards counterfeit products. From these studies, the researcher concluded the common and dominant factors which impact non-deceptive consumers within different regions, and various product categories were derived. These include the following factors: person demographic and psychographic, lack of consumer awareness, market influence, social influence, word of mouth, perceived risks, materialism and brand, ethics, key product factors, price- consciousness, and purchase experience.
Finally, the researcher suggested many managerial and organizational implications in combating counterfeit products.