The Impact of Vocational Training on Poverty Alleviation through Moderation Role of Foreign Funds; Evidence from Southern Punjab

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Commerce and Business Administration, Govt. College University, Faisalabad Layyah Campus, Punjab, Pakistan


Vocational Training is one of the crucial elements for generation that is going to be a part of skilled workforce of this world of work and to reduce the level of poverty.  It quickly enables a person to be a part of competitive workforce by enhancing their skills so that he may cope with the rapidly changing technological job and environment. The core objective of this study is to examine the relationship between Vocational Training and Poverty Alleviation through moderating role of Foreign Funds. Billions of rupees are being utilized by international donors in technical and vocational education to enhance the skills of individuals and to increase the level of income. The method used in this research is simple random sampling technique and 7 big cities of southern Punjab were included. Significance result has been extracted from Southern Punjab where these funds are being utilized and moderation has been proved that there is significant role of foreign funds to boost up the vocational training which alleviate the poverty. To this end the study it proves that there is a significance impact of Vocational Training on Poverty Alleviation and also generated competitive human capital for economic development.