An Investigation of Advertising Appeal on Consumer Response in Service Advertising

Document Type : Research Paper


ITM University, Gurgaon, India


Advertising appeal plays a significant role in the execution of advertising. In service advertising, they are of more importance because of the peculiar characteristics of services. This study attempts to investigate the impact of emotional and rational appeal on service advertising. This study also studies the impact of typology of service as a moderating variable in the relation of advertising appeal and consumer response. The study has developed a scale to measure the attitude towards advertisement, brand and purchase intention. The data has been analyzed using Factor analysis and Independent sample T Test. The research concludes that advertising appeal does have an impact on service advertising and the impact of the advertising appeal varies as per the typology of service. Print advertisements were specially created for this study with the help of experts. This study has used triangulation using both qualitative as well as quantitative methods. Content analysis is used as a method for qualitative research.