Effect on Entrepreneurial Intention by the Physical and Informative Attachment with Entrepreneurs: A Study on the University Students of Sylhet City, Bangladesh

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Business Administration, Sylhet International University, Shamimabad, Sylhet, Bangladesh


Entrepreneurial efforts that resulted from Entrepreneurial Intention depend on the attachment with entrepreneurial practices physically and informatively. The physical attachment through the priority of male genders, getting entrepreneurs as family member or as admired persons and the informative attachment through getting information of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship by courses and programs are playing the key role in driving the youth in the path of entrepreneurships. The objective of the research is to study the significant role of these factors in building up entrepreneurial intentions. This primary data based research is designed on descriptive –analytical approach through collecting data by structured questionnaire from samples arranged by stratified sampling method to represent all classes in probabilistic manner. The collected data are properly processed and analyzed by SPSS 19 through the cross tabulation and chi-square tests. The result shows that the factors gender, entrepreneurship in family and in admired persons, studied courses, programs have significant role in entrepreneurial intention building. The researchers recommended more attachment to entrepreneurs physically and informatively through books, courses and programs to increase entrepreneurial intention among university students.