The Impact of the Holographic Principle Build the whole into the Parts on Organizational Performance



Faculty of Business Administration, Beirut Arab University, Beirut, Lebanon


Researchers have studied and concentrated on Organizational metaphors chosen for organizations in order to reach better employees and organizational performance.  This paper introduces a brief theoretical understanding of the metaphor “organization as brain”, the Hologram, and the principle “the whole into the parts”. The paper focuses on the benefits of the four ways of implementing “the whole into the parts” principle within the organization and how information flow among employees assists and improves their analysis and innovation. Application of the principle “the whole into the parts” facilitates processes of the organization as DNA does. This paper shows how this metaphor encourages working with skilled teamwork. It also demonstrates that in order to enrich the area of innovative ideas, understandings, and vision, there is a need to share the same image, culture, information, knowledge, targets, and increase learning organization through benefiting from the practical use of this metaphor within its strength and overcome its limitation.